I’ve thought about the best way to carry a figurehead aboard Satori. What would it be? Where would it be placed? What purpose does it serve? It’s an obvious choice to have Buddha aboard so this Christmas I employed my mother to choose one for me. My only request was that it be solid brass or bronze and around 6″ in height. She delivered with an excellent choice of which Buddha represents Satori.

Buddha is shown in full Lotus pose with his hands held in the Samadhi Mudra, two palms folded face up one on top of the other holding the alms bowl which contains herbal elixirs used to invoke his healing presence. It’s difficult to determine if this statue represents Gautama or Amitābha but for all intents and purposes both assist in the embarkation toward nirvana. Nirvana is achieved while Satori is underway and the Buddha figurehead carries her karma; both protector and healer.