Freshwater gone bye bye!

I’ll admit that when you have lingering priorities that are all stacked up beyond comprehension it’s impossible not to just make excuses so you don’t have to do them. Especially when each project is so big, complicated and expensive! One of the immediate realizations with Satori was the freshwater system was severely outdated and likely very unsanitary. Clear vinyl tubes were no longer translucent but black with algae growth. Perhaps a few decades worth of growth. The entire system needed to be taken out and everything needs to be replaced with a modern freshwater system. I’m sure back in 1975 just having a storage tank was sufficient for what the original owners intended to do with Satori but now I own her and have a little more ambitious plans to sail her into remote parts of the world where clean water is probably not always readily available. If you’ve ever been to atolls or cays before you’ll remember the rainwater cisterns or desalinated water that tasted like rubber bands. I have a chance to build an intelligent freshwater system and even use hot water to keep the boat warm from radiant heat so I dove in this evening and pulled everything out including the holding tanks, pump, hoses, etc. It took a few hours to yank it all out. Likely it will take about a month to install everything brand new.

Both tanks removed, bilge drying out.
Both tanks removed, bilge drying out.

One great thing about this project is that I can now reach the shower drain and replace the drain hose with a sump system which would complete the shower. How nice it would be to be able to shower inside the boat! I can also do some deep cleaning under the shower and bathroom floor while the tanks are removed. Both the bilge and the under floor areas have been neglected for quite some time so it’s nice to have a winter and some time for this project.

Red hose is the old shower drain. Finally access to this area.
Red hose is the old shower drain. Finally access to this area.

I might actually repurpose the old pump as my deck wash down pump. It’s in great shape and I have some parts for servicing the diaphragm and replacement belts, etc. I was considering using it for the new freshwater system but I’d like a higher volume pump that’s a little quieter than this one.

The old freshwater diaphragm pump
The old freshwater diaphragm pump

Now that everything is removed, I can start making considerations for either reusing the old tanks or buy new bladders or vinyl holding tanks. Either one will be better than the steel rusted tanks that came with Satori. I wish I could reuse them but after some further inspection I can see a number of welds completely rusted out. I’m not one hundred percent on my decision until I consult a steel fabricator on the cost and what they can accomplish with the old tanks. Let the next project begin!

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FYI, I appreciate you keeping your blog updated and I am subscribed ia email.
I have stainless tanks and love them, they were rather new and installed at the cost of the previous owner when I bought the boat 2 years ago.
Keep up the good work and give Bud Taplin every ounce of business you can.
I love Satori.
Carl from Key West
1974 W32 Hull 191 factory finished dinette.

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