Bathroom Repairs

My head day 2

I had another afternoon to keep cranking on the head removal. The lockers were as nasty as it gets and yet after scrubbing and wiping and more scrubbing and wiping I am maybe half done. Possibly more. The holding tank is out and the only hoses left are for the sink, which I’m leaving until last as it’s a convenient source for water. Finally all of the hoses are all removed so  only hose barbs and more cleaning is left before beginning on the walls, ceiling and floor. I’m planning on removing the old wallpaper and repainting the lockers and walls. Then comes patching the holes from the old toilet and then new holes for the new toilet. Fortunately the new one has no exposed pipes or hoses. Everything will come through right under the head in the back. I’m looking at the Thedford EasyFit Eco as the replacement. I’ve heard only good things about this one and the price is great. I’ve seen new toilets for $250 but I’d like to get something a little more dependable and carefree. I know nothing is really carefree for boating but I understand the mechanics for the macerator and pump and both are as good as it gets. Now to start researching paint…

Upper bathroom locker cleaned
Pump-out hose barb and vent hose barb in the top part of the photo.
Top of the holding tank locker
Showing the top of the holding tank locker after cleaning
Bottom of the holding tank with the discharge seacock. This previously had a macerator hose off the side and a pump out hose at the top.