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Off with my head!

The surveyor had a very serious look on his face when he said, “You’re going to replace this as soon as you get back to Seattle, right?”. He was talking about the toilet which leaks seawater through the pump. It’s a stinky old toilet, hoses, valves, macerator and holding tank. The wood has some sign of cosmetic rot and mildew everywhere in the lockers. The biggest project to date will be this bathroom replacement. I’ll start with as much wood work as needed to last another few decades. Then a bigger holding tank and a new self-macerating electric flush toilet. I’m also hoping to have both freshwater and saltwater for flushing so when docked I can keep odors to a minimum (saltwater can stink from decaying microorganisms) and then have saltwater for extended trips. I’ll also add a shower head and then clean and service the shower tub at some point just so it’s functional even if it rarely gets used. It will be weeks before the area is ready for the install.

Just after removing the toilet, macerator and hoses
Just after removing the toilet, macerator and hoses
Holding tank ready to be removed
Holding tank ready to be removed

Fortunately the dirtiest part is over and what’s left is mostly deep cleaning inside and under the cabinet where many years of mildew and who knows what other nasty things have been for decades. I’ll start with deep cleaning and getting the wood and trim back in order. Then preparing all of the fixtures for new hoses and clamps. Then I’m hoping to install a new larger holding tank. The original was only 5 gallons but I would like to have as much as 10-12 gallons since the space looks like it might be able to accommodate it either vertically or horizontally. I’m also thinking about a new faucet and shower head. I haven’t even begun looking at anything except toilets at this point. At least I have that figured out.

Another thing I was able to accomplish this week was finishing the fuel system so Mark from Auxiliary Engine can come back and sign off on my work and help me bleed the fuel lines and start the engine. I was also able to get rid of some of the junk in the junk drawer and put all of the small parts into smaller Plano boxes to free up the chart drawers. I’d like to be able to have them dedicated for navigation purposes instead of using them to store things like barbecue tools, cables and other things that tend to eventually cause clutter and make things difficult to find quickly. Thank goodness we have cold and rainy weather so we can buy some time for projects like these. I can’t wait to start sailing again too.



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Just found your site. The title is funny. I just posted one myself with a similar title.

I removed my head because I was looking into getting a composting head like an Airhead or Natures Head. Good thing I decided to remove it because I found a huge hole in the bottom of the holding tank. Luckily everything falling out of it was dry. I hope everything works out for your project.

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