A few more weeks away

On the mast removing the fore and aft stays
On the mast removing the fore and aft stays

This last weekend I spent some time on Satori getting the new shrouds and forestay installed and removed the fore and aft stays. I’ve learned quite a bit recently about installing and tuning rigging. I thought the entire endeavor was going to be much more difficult yet the fore and aft stays are getting replaced this coming weekend. It’s great peace of mind to know that the mast is held up by brand new steel cables and now I can rest assured that it is highly unlikely that the mast would ever fall over. When I get Satori to Seattle I will also replace all of the stays that are attached to the hull and inspect the chainplates as well to make sure nothing is rusted beyond use.

Right now the only things left before I can take Satori out to sea are getting the sails back from being repaired, getting the running rigging all strung up again and finally getting the hull painted and seacocks lubed and checked for integrity. I was planning on spending a few days with some friends doing all of the hull work myself but the timing wasn’t quite on my side. I’d like to invite some of my friends in Seattle to join in on the maiden voyage but the only extended time off is right when I would be painting it during Labor Day weekend. After checking with Welch Marine in Blaine, it looks like the price is reasonable for painting and through-hull services so I am employing them to do the work. They are located about an eighth of a mile from Semiahmoo, right across the harbor and it would be convenient to get it done before the holiday weekend and then meet everyone in Anacortes to start the San Juan Island tour.

I leaned something about the bureaucratic world of boat ownership regarding boat insurance today. Once the title was signed into my name, Satori was no longer insured. Not only that but to get her insured again I must have her surveyed and some arbitrary amount of boat ownership and skippering under my belt. Boat insurance is not required by law but in order to moor in Seattle I will need liability insurance and possibly up to $500,000 of coverage. Personally I have very little skippering experience on live-aboard sailboats. Mainly because of my lack of experience with sailing but also because this is a new endeavor. Am I capable of sailing Satori and capable of keeping her from running into other boats? No less than the ‘experienced’ sailor. First of all, I’ve been cruising around the Puget Sound area for all of my life. I’ve operated vessels of all kinds with motors, sails and oars but never kept track of when and which ones. Why would I? So in effect the only folks I need to prove my experience to is the insurance company who elects to insure me. I think it’s a scam. I own a car that cost $10k more than the boat and yet no one ever ‘inspected’ the car. You can get a drivers license at the age of 16 and operate a truck larger than my boat (much larger if you include a trailer). You can also wreck it and by another but still be insured. What is this all about anyways? I suspect that boat owners are far more negligent than drivers and way more accidents happen in the water. So having never owned a boat to owning a world cruiser isn’t that simple. The federal, state and insurance bureaucracy prevents any sort of simple process.

It’s possible that I won’t have a place to moor Satori by the time I leave Blaine. If I’m required to show proof of insurance at the time I sign the mooring contract I’ll be screwed. I will schedule a survey while she is out of the water but that’s not until the end of the month. They may make an offer in less than a week and I might lose my chance to keep her in Ballard. I suppose I could just call around when I eventually get insurance and pick some other place but seriously this is bullshit.