Inflatable dinghy

I brought the inflatable dinghy that came with Satori home a couple of weekends ago so I could check if it still holds air and make any repairs if needed. Fortunately the chambers held air pretty well. A slow leak on one chamber but nothing worth worrying about. I suppose I could search for the leak but if it just needs a few pumps every few days why bother? The cover that came with it was toast so I did some work on matching a new bag by checking the minimum packed dimensions and searching far and wide on the internet for something that would work as a replacement. NRS has a great replacement bag for their pontoon boats or SUPs.



The only thing I did for the raft was some serious scrubbing with a combo soap and protectant, somewhat similar to Armor All for cars. The solvent was nice for a few black stains from mildew where the bottom contacted the deck and water would gather. You can’t even see the stains in the photo. The funny thing is that the raft and 3hp Yamaha motor was bought at Ballard Inflatables about 10 minutes from my house and that’s where I went for cleaning supplies and also where I’ll bring the outboard to have serviced next week. I thought the previous owner made a great choice in choosing a portable and compact dinghy. Caribe is a pretty reliable and durable brand and I can expect another 10 years of life, possibly more.